Monday, April 30, 2012

Music takes me away.....

There is nothing quite like slipping in a Jimmy Buffett cd and finding my mind on a beach, the smell of coconut oil, yummy fruity drinks with cute paper umbrellas in mind just goes on a vacation!
I also love changing up my decor for different times of the year. Listening to "A Pirate Looks at Forty" just makes me want to bring out the summer fun! Below are a few "summertime" items that we currently have.
What puts you in a summer mood?

  Noritake Tea Set .....
very tropical looking!!  $45.00

Split white oak hand made basket. $25.00
These "drink" or "plant" stands were made by the Heywood Wakefield Co. in the '50's.Quite charming....$65.oo

Early 1900's wash stand, made in France. The curley-que frame is iron....heavy!! Beautiful addition to your garden land scape!  It also would be a great addition to a party after you fill the blue tub with ice, insert a few adult beverages, your red solo cups and napkins on the shelf underneath with back-up beverages on the bottom shelf. Don't forget the bottle and wine openers can go on the top ledge...... $275.00

The cutest little folding "bunny-rabbit" shaped table with chippy paint is here for inspection! You can pull it out when company arrives and tuck it away in a closet when not in use! $39.00